Wool Textiles

Wool clothing is more than everlasting. Sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, coats and even crocheted vests, together with high quality men and women suits are made of wool. In all its varieties.

Wool is a fiber, taken from the skin of the domestic sheep or other mammals such as goats, llamas, rabbits, cats and others. Wool yarns create a feeling of softness and warmth. Being a protein fiber, wool can provoke allergic reactions: irritation, itching, an unpleasant feel when in contact with skin. Therefore parents must be very careful with wool clothes for kids: usually wool is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Here it should be mentioned that not all wool types create such discomfort, on the contrary – some threads are extremely fine and soft. It depends on the type of the animal and the way of production, including the finishing treatments.

In practice there are two types of application of the wool threads. Wool fabrics are soft and fluffy and have almost no surface shine. They are heavier and bulkier than cotton yarns. Therefore wool is frequently used for production of blankets, fabric for coats, sports knitwear, jackets, etc. The second type of application of wool is when it is used for spinning of very thin worsted yarns. The fabrics made of them, known as “cool wool”, are smoother, more polished, does not stretch and can be easily iron. On the top of that worsted fabrics are light and thin and are used for production of high quality formal men and women suits.

There are also other types of wools, taken from other animals and use mainly as “noble” fibers in production of woolen fabrics. The most used in fashion clothing are:

Alpaca. It is rich and lustrous wool fiber derived from the sympathetic animal Lama, which lives in South America. This wool is quite rarely used because it is very expensive.

  • Mohair. It is received from the Angora goat. The thread is very elastic and strong. Mohair, however, is not as soft as the traditional wool. This type of fiber has a unique luster that has the ability to change according to weather conditions. Mohair is often used in household and to make all kinds of fashion garments.
  • Angora. This wool is produced from the Angora rabbit. The yarns are extremely soft and gentle and used for the manufacture of knitted clothing – mostly for children.
  • Camel. Camel wool is produced from the subcutaneous layer of the downy camel. This wool is frequently blended with wool from sheep. It is used for production of fabrics for garments – coats, sweaters, sports suits, etc. Because of the beauty of the natural color of the Camel, it is very rarely colored in other nuances.
  • Cashmere. It is obtained from the fleece of the same name Tibetan goat. These fibers are often mixed with cotton, silk or wool of domestic sheep – mostly because of the strength of the hair of the goat.


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