Ways to Wear a Sweater

Sweaters are probably some of the most versatile clothing items and the best thing about them is the fact that they can be worn with almost anything. You can put a sweater over a shirt, over a T-shirt, even over a dress if it’s a bit chilly outside.

Wearing a sweater under a jacket is a great solution for a cool season look. Make sure that you match the color of the sweater with your jacket, so if you have a dark colored jacket and pants, you can put a bit of color on your look and choose a bright sweater, like a red sweater that would be sexy and feminine.

If you have a sweater vest you can wear it over another blouse that is too revealing or to create a beautiful combination between two different patterns.  You can also wear it on its own if you like.

With a pull-over sweater you can create a lot of looks. If the sweater has a big collar you can change it in many ways. You can leave it as it is and it will give you a casual look, perfect for any occasion. You can pull the collar down and reveal your shoulders for a sexy date look and match it with a long beaded necklace. There’s also a way you can make a hood out of your sweater; just pull it over your head and use a safety pin to keep it in place. You can also roll the collar inside to make it look like a scarf and accentuate the neck area.

Written by Samuel

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