The Evolution Of Fashion

Seeing that today’s fashion is truly impressive and that there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, we should take a quick look back and see how fashion started and how it evolved to get to this point.

Clothes can represent tradition and every nation has special costumes that show of their values and beliefs. In the sixteen century, Japanese outfits were basically the same for more than a thousand years thus showing their strong traditions and the will to pass it on from generation to generation. Not far away, Chinese clothing was known for the changing that occurred periodically, the beginning of fashion seasons. Changes in clothing usually appeared along with economic change with influences from other cultures.

Along with the growth of the textile industry, more and more designs caught shape and so fashion began being a very important part of the high society. The dresses were long and rich with various colors and the well know corset was already a bit too drastic giving the women of Europe a sand glass look to b envied but this wasn’t always as comfortable as you may think.

The 1920s brought the flapper style which had great success; the dresses were shortened quite a lot. Four of the most important fashion locations were Milan, New York, Paris and London and they were known for the fashion events held where the most renowned designers met to show off their latest designs.

Fashion trends are influenced by many factors from global position to the age of those that wear them but the influences can be felt all around the world and no one knows what the fashion industry of tomorrow will look like; we can just hope that it will be something that will surely remain in history, in the good way.

Written by Samuel

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