Ten Fun Facts About Handbags

The truth is that no matter how much we adore clothes, shoes and make-up, we’ll always love handbags more. For us, women, a purse is much more than just an accessory. It is the friend that accompanies us all day long while sharing with us its elegance, support and space. Yes, I am still talking about bags. But there are so many things that we do not know about handbags, fun and amazing things that will forever change our perception of modern purses

  1. 2 out of 10 luxury purses on the street are knockoffs
  2. Now, that you’ve read this you will probably look more closely at the beautiful designer bag on the arm of that gorgeous woman who is always riding the train with you. After all, how could she afford a $2,000 purse? The truth is that nowadays many women fall into the trap of replica bags. These products may look beautiful and stylish, but the quality is terrible. And in most cases, it is very obvious that the purse is just a cheap and tacky knockoff.

  1. London’s H.J. Cave made the first luxury leather handbag.

In 1841, Cave manufactured the first small and resistant handbags from durable leather. These were especially made for the family of a very successful business man, Samuel Parkinson. Of course, his wife’s purse had a more delicate size and shape. Now, these bags can be seen in the Amsterdam Handbag Museum.

  1. Rumor has it that, at the end of each year, Louis Vuitton burns all its unsold products.

Supposedly, the very famous designer Louis Vuitton burns all its handbags at the end of each year to avoid sales. It seems that by selling the bags at discounted prices, the value and exclusive image of the brand would suffer great damages.

  1. Judas, the first purse owner.

The first person mentioned in a written text as wearing a bag is Judas Iscariot. The Bible makes him the first purse owner in history.

  1. 1985 is the year when the first unisex bag was launched.

The first unisex bag was launched in 1985 by Miuccia Prada and it was a black nylon knapsack that’s currently still very trendy.

  1. $34.5 million for the most expensive bag in the world.

‘1001 Nights Diamond Purse’ created by House of Mouawad’s is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive bag in the world. Its price is shocking for most regular bag owners- $34.5 million.

  1. The average woman has 6 purses.

How many bags do you have- 2, 3, 6 or more? Studies show that women can’t help themselves when it comes to a purse they like. 6 is the average number of handbags a woman has in her closet.

8.The railroad made people realize that they need to invent “handbags”.

Until the construction of the railroad, people did not need a practical and spacious thing in which to carry their important things. When they started using the train on a regular basis, women realized that they need a light luggage that was both sic and functional. This is how the handbag was born.

  1. Initially, handbags were male accessories.

History is very clear about this. Men were the first ones to use handbags for carrying their things around. Priests in Africa were famous for their beaded purses while Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs picture men with pouches.

  1. Margaret Thatcher loved to “hand bag” her opponents.

Margaret Thatcher was a very fierce lady when it came to her political belief and she was known for her unique ability of swinging her opponents with some forthright words. Each of her verbal attacks was rather like an excruciating “hand-bagging” demonstration.


Written by Samuel

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