Push-Up Effect

A nice cleavage is always a plus for any outfit. However, any woman should know when to exaggerate and also how to make her cleavage look better. Push up bras are great at what they do, but how can you make the best out of this type of bra? 

The Push Up Concept

Normal bras offer a lady’s breasts regular shelter where everything is and looks as is. However, with push up bras, a normal B cup can easily give the impression of being a C cup or even sometimes D cup. This is all possible thanks to the extra padding inserted into the cup which lifts the breasts, creates more cleavage, and basically gives a perkier look. The extra padding is available in many different materials: regular cotton or cotton-like material, sponge-like material, or even some gel components.

When To and When Not To

When to and when not to? That’s a question women frequently face regarding the usage of push up bras. Well, there is no definite manual for such things; however, some tips and guidelines could be followed in order to tread on the right path. First off, push-up bras are meant to give the illusion of bigger breast size. Hence, it is best if used on A, B, or maximum C cups. D cups and what’s larger are big enough to promote themselves on their own. On another note, push up bras could be used with relatively large breasts for extra comfort and better round-shaped form.


Yes, actually, that’s it. One last thing to add addresses the viability of wearing push up bras. Be wary of using them in inappropriate milieus. If wearing them to work, be sure that your work environment would accept too much cleavage and such. That aside, push up bras and their much anticipated new generations are definitely the way to go.

Written by Samuel

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