Men’s Suits

One thing is for sure, men’s fashion trends change much slower than women’s trends and this can be best seen when it comes to suits. The great thing is that what you will see in fashion magazines now, you will also probably see next year thus giving you the opportunity to invest into a nice suit and be able to wear it for more than one season. With this thought in mind, let’s see what styles are in fashion this year when it comes to men’s suits.

When it comes to the cut of the suit, something in fashion is the slim cut. Don’t think about the skinny suits that were in fashion a few years back but also don’t go as far as thinking of the boxed, sharp corners suits. This year, slim suits are a great way to go as long as you get the exact kind of slim. It has to inspire masculinity and it usually has a slim waist with broad shoulders.

The office look can be what you are looking for when talking about suits and this look is not only in fashion but it is also quite practical. Of course, there are some elements which you need to consider and you can’t just buy a simple suit. Is has to look good and sharp but not be too squared. Go for a grey color with a white shirt and you will surely pull off the business man look.

If you don’t like the classical look, you can go for something a bit bolder. A suit with a few more details for the man that can wear it with confidence and look good in it. This is meant to show off the masculine body and it has a certain young James Bond look to it. It is not for everyone but it is surely in fashion this year as well as the next one so you may want to think about getting one. Think bold colors such as a light grey that really stands out.

The last but not the least cut in fashion this year is the double breasted suit. It’s been a while until we got to see this style in fashion but it is now here and it is actually improved, without the boxed look we talked about earlier. Now, it is meant to show off the masculine body instead as hide it, as the previous designs. It still keeps the serious and mysterious features and it is a welcomed style for this fashion season.

Written by Samuel

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