Leggings – A Girl’s Best Friend

You might find it strange but leggings are some of those timeless fashion items. Of course, leggings are not glamorous, they are not like a little black dress or pearls. However, some people consider leggings to be life savers. Probably the best thing about them is the fact that they are extremely comfortable and they work well with any type of clothing. There are also leggings called jegging and they resemble jeans. They have become very popular among young women lately, so if you like the look of tight jeans, you will definitely love jeggings.

Leggings have been around for centuries and they were worn by both men and women, despite the fact that nowadays they are more popular among women. Today they are made of polyester, cotton, nylon-lycra or spandex. They come in all colors you can imagine; actually, some of them even have a great wet-appearance to them or a shiny metallic look. If that is your style, you will definitely find some leggings that will make you happy.

How can you wear leggings? Leggings can be paired with a skirt and boots, shoes, sandals and even sports wear. You can also pair them with dresses and you can even wear them alone with a longer top. What makes them so popular is the fact that they fit everyone, they come in various colors and they are able to transform an item of clothing into something really chic. If you are a guy, you should probably know that lately leggings are very much into style in men’s fashion. So you should find a pair you like and start wearing them if you want to be trendy. Also, a lot of men find them very comfortable, especially for outdoors activities. They are also great for sport activities like running, power walking or jogging. Dancers wear them a lot because they are great in cold weather and they also look extremely good on fit bodies.

Some popular items of clothing that go well with leggings are: denim skirt, converse footwear, ballet flats, long sweaters, etc.  Most of us have those items in our closet so it’s a great way to revive them and make them wearable again. If you are overweight you should avoid wearing leggings or at least get a darker color. You should pair them with higher boots and always wear high heels, otherwise your legs will look even bigger.

Overall, leggings are a great fashion item and even if you don’t like wearing them in public, you can also wear them under your clothes in cold weather.


Written by Samuel

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