Guide For Choosing The Right Sunglasses

It is very important to know what type of sunglasses is right for your face before buying them; a lot of glasses are made only for some types of faces and will look disastrous on the wrong type. It’s not just about what’s fashionable, the most important thing is to look good while wearing your accessories.

For a diamond face shape, it is best to pick sunglasses that have no frames or have thick frames in the top part of the lenses. Another type of glasses that will look good on this type of face is those which have oval frames because they will create a balance with your features.

If you have a triangle shaped face, you need to draw attention to the upper part of the face; for example, you will need colorful frames or that type of glasses that resemble cat eyes.

For a square face the perfect option is to get something that will soften its features. You can choose from a multitude of frames: round frames, oval frames but also don’t forget to avoid thick frames because they just roughen the features.

Round face is another common type of face that needs to be balanced with rectangular or square frames. Also, people with a round face can wear those thick frames that are so popular nowadays. Avoid big round frames, they just make your face look rounder.

An oval face will look great with any type of glasses so if you are one of the lucky people with this type of face, you can wear anything you want.

Written by Samuel

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