Stockings – Always Fashionable

Stockings are probably some of the most common fashion items, but they are also very useful and quite sexy. Every woman worn stockings at least once in her life and they will always be fashionable which is a big plus.

Stockings have been around from the 15 century when they were worn by men also. Today mostly women wear them and the main reasons are fashion and being warm during the cold season while wearing a skirt. There are different types and models of stockings; you can choose from lace stockings, pattern stockings or simple stockings all of them are great if you know how to combine them. A very popular option is colorful stockings which have been a major trend lately, especially in bright colors. Newest trends in stockings announce that you will have to buy some stockings with patterns for this year since one of the coolest patterns is going to be the animal print. Any type of animal print will do, so don’t worry about a certain pattern.

Colorful stockings can be combined with any type of skirt and they can come with really cool patterns like butterflies, geometric figures or flowers. However, make sure that the rest of the outfit is not full in patterns because you might look a bit odd with patterns everywhere.

One of the sexiest styles of stockings is the “stay up” or “hold up” stockings, they look amazing and they probably play a big role in every man’s fantasy. You can match them easily with any type of skirt and they can be much more comfortable than traditional stockings. They also come in various colors and styles so you won’t need to give up your personal taste to wear them.

In the end, choosing stockings is all about your comfort so make sure that they fit and you buy high quality stockings because you don’t want them to get worn out after wearing them just one time.


Written by Samuel

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