Engagement Ring Trends

If you plan to propose you should know that the trends for engagement rings have changed. The new star is the emerald as a center piece or around those beautiful diamonds that will probably impress her to tears. But you need to be careful, as there are other elements that can be found in the most beautiful and trendiest engagement rings.

Diamonds are still her best friend

Let’s be honest here, you can’t beat diamonds! Why? Because diamonds are forever and because she can show them to her girlfriends and boast about how much you love her, not to mention that they look good. Also, the classic engagement rings feature diamonds, so a diamond has this retro value to it if you want to use that to your advantage. However, the trends seem to be pointing away from clear diamonds and champagne or yellow diamonds seem to be the best choice.


Sapphires are a great choice. Of course they should be a great choice around diamonds if you have a big amount of money to spend, but you can buy an old looking sapphire ring if you want something more unique. It seems that sapphires have something royal about them and that is what makes antique sapphire rings another favorite when it comes to engagement rings.

Mixed metals

Another trend is mixing different metals for a unique look, or mixing the same metal with different colors. You can have rose gold with white gold and yellow gold, but you can also have silver with bronze and gold if you plan on choosing something cheaper. However, it seems that trends are pointing towards platinum to be the major star this year, so make sure that her engagement ring contains platinum.

Vintage style and intricate

As it was mentioned earlier, antique seems quite popular, so vintage is still a trend. Make that vintage ring intricate enough to look like beautiful embroidery and you have yourself a winner. Perhaps you can even go through antique sores and buy something from the last century if you are not lucky enough to have a family ring that should be passed from generation to generation. A ring with twists and turns and with a bezel that looks more painted than carved is extremely beautiful and will make for a special engagement ring.


Written by Samuel

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