Dressing on a Holiday

Have you ever thought how often the simple, small, but original and charming details can revive a look, to turn even the most nondescript clothing in a practical fresh idea for the holiday? The trick is the ability to find suitable accessories to the clothing that to be noticeable enough. Thus you could ensure complete success and even noble envy in the eyes of others.


Bet for the classic outfit. This is the easiest way to impress the room. Choose pants with bustier, short skirt with spectacular blouse or little black dress made of woven or knitted fabric. Select lightweight, sheer fabrics, which can add glitter to your look. Shining is the best for every holiday evening, but try to avoid sequins. Do not forget to add emphasis – a scarf, collar, jewel belt, etc.


The holiday in your… hair. Choose a spectacular style with volume, waves or stylish colored layers. Your hair will be your bijou for the festive evening. You can spray glitter in the locks for better mood. A thin tiara, playful hair-clasp or band of fabric with a small ribbon on top will brighten up your hair. In this way you may forget about jewelry. Everyone’s attention will be attracted by the upper part of your body, so be careful with the makeup. Bright hair color implies a slight, barely noticeable makeup. Highlight only the eyes and put gloss on the lips.


The belt. Look for a wide belt of leather with plastic buckle and possibly – very large in size, type bodice. The color is important. It should be contrasted with that of your clothes and be seen from afar. Thus, the belt will become the focus of your outfit. Combine it with a simple black dress with a right knee-length to acquire Hollywood chic. You will have even greater success using a wide belt with sequins, glitter in a gold or silver. Add a small purse type bag in the same style for complete elegance.


The magical scarf. Collars are always in fashion but recently coats, jackets and shirts are designed with larger collars, which cover the shoulders and the arms even to the elbows. You can replace the collar with a big scarf. It can be made of silk or fine cold wool. So your dress for the festive evening may be with thin straps or mini-length. It is better when the scarf is plain, in one of the shades of the fashionable purple, for example. If you love cheerful colors, think about bold shoes as well to soften the focus. Large bracelet in the same bold colors or earrings with purple stones could have the same distracting effect.


The visible bijou. If your earrings are made of large and colored crystals, stop there! Only a large ring in the same style would fit well with them. Everyone loves to decorate Christmas trees, but no one would admired women who look like Christmas trees. If you are invited to a fine dinner, remember that the etiquette requires to have only a wedding ring or just a ring on the fourth finger.

Written by Samuel

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