Courier Bags

Courier bags have been around since forever, at first they weren’t known as fashion items but more like useful bags that different types of workers used to carry things around. However, they became a major hit after the 50s when they were manufactured by De Martini Company. They were widely used by the Royal Mail carriers in the UK and that’s the main reason why people associate them with mail carriers. The original De Martini bags were made with cotton and waterproof lining and they were worn with the help of a shoulder strap. Bags also had an inside pocket. Nowadays, courier bags have many pockets and come in all sizes and shapes.

Even more modern messenger bags were designed by John Peters; he added various modifications to the bags by using different types of fabrics. The designs are the standard design for the courier/messenger bags all over the world.

There are all kinds of courier bags and some of them retain the camouflage model that is used in the army. However, the ones that are purely made for fashion don’t come with the same sturdy fabric, but even with that courier bags are a lot sturdier than normal over the shoulder handbags. A courier bag is a great and definitely more comfortable alternative to a backpack depending on what you want to carry in it. For every day wear, courier bags can be accompanied by capri pants, shirts, T-shirts and usually all kinds of casual clothes. If you are the type of person who likes to feel comfortable while going out, a courier bag might be the right fashion items. Some brands you might want to consider when buying a courier bag are: Timbuk2, Ben Sherman, Picardo, etc. All make bags that are affordable and very sturdy so that you can wear them on a daily basis. Another advantage with this fashion items is that they can easily be carried by people who cycle because they sit firmly.

So there are a lot of reasons why an urban person would choose to wear a courier bag. Besides being fashionable it has great functionality and will go along well with your everyday wear.


Written by Samuel

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