Wardrobe Must Have

Jacket. Whether it is a patchwork, with hood, with very wide sleeves, high collar or round shoulders, elegant or sport one, the jacket is always a must have. Particularly hot is the trend of combining short-waist jacket with trousers or skirt with high waist.

Dress. At least one, but better more, as despite the low temperatures, the dress always points your elegance and femininity. The best is a knee-length one, as it look s great with both shoes and boots. Use belt to emphasize the waist or go for empire waits, which always make you look with longer legs and larger breasts.

Jeans. They always are among key fashion garments. Every season the cuts are different but if you go for classical cut, you will have no problems with your free time or long outing during weekends. The best models have lycra or spandex inside, which make your comfortable when travelling long time.

From the male wardrobe. Shirt, pullover and even tie or tailcoat is something that you can “steal” from male wardrobe and to use it in different occasions to diversify your look. One light idea is to combine elegant ladies suit with classical or butterfly tie.


With two hooks. Knitwear has always been a symbol of the cold weather. Wool, mohair or cashmere are on fashion in all their varieties. High collar sweater or jacket resembling a vest? You decide.


Sexy tops. Though you can be a follower of the sport style in fashion, you should have at least a couple of sexy tops that underline your sexy, feminine look. Choose tops made of soft and delicate fabrics like lace and silk, with many frills and ribbons. Neckline with a V-shape is always a good opportunity to show a bit of your cleavage. Whatever you choose, remember the keyword: femininity.


Volume and patent leather. Every woman should have in her wardrobe at least one pair of shoes, belt, bag or any other accessory from a patent leather. The other must have is a big bag, that in case of necessity can collect the entire ladies “arsenal”. The big bag is useful when travelling by plane or walking in the park with kids, as well as when it is simply on feshion.


Hats: for all. If you want to be visible everywhere and become the star of the day, put a hat. Go back to the 1920’s, wearing mini hats, typical for the romantic British aristocracy. You may use tight head as well or simply decorate your hair with a band with a feather. If you are a lover of the more contemporary style, opt for a leather beret or cap from a Scottish fabric.

Jewelry: the classics of all seasons. Bold jewelry accessories are a hit. Large stones (not necessarily valuable) or inlays give the necessary chic to any outfit with which they are coupled. Do not forget to add a bracelet with shining stones. At the end – pendants and necklaces: the larger and noticeable, the better. The y give a summer shine to any clothes.

The new accessory: the colors. One of the hit trends during the cold season are … the colors of precious stones. Amethyst, ruby, emerald is the new gray and black. Experts advise to combine the intensity of those shades with the color of your skin – lighter tones for light skin and more intense shades for women with a tan.

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Dressing on a Holiday

Have you ever thought how often the simple, small, but original and charming details can revive a look, to turn even the most nondescript clothing in a practical fresh idea for the holiday? The trick is the ability to find suitable accessories to the clothing that to be noticeable enough. Thus you could ensure complete success and even noble envy in the eyes of others.


Bet for the classic outfit. This is the easiest way to impress the room. Choose pants with bustier, short skirt with spectacular blouse or little black dress made of woven or knitted fabric. Select lightweight, sheer fabrics, which can add glitter to your look. Shining is the best for every holiday evening, but try to avoid sequins. Do not forget to add emphasis – a scarf, collar, jewel belt, etc.


The holiday in your… hair. Choose a spectacular style with volume, waves or stylish colored layers. Your hair will be your bijou for the festive evening. You can spray glitter in the locks for better mood. A thin tiara, playful hair-clasp or band of fabric with a small ribbon on top will brighten up your hair. In this way you may forget about jewelry. Everyone’s attention will be attracted by the upper part of your body, so be careful with the makeup. Bright hair color implies a slight, barely noticeable makeup. Highlight only the eyes and put gloss on the lips.


The belt. Look for a wide belt of leather with plastic buckle and possibly – very large in size, type bodice. The color is important. It should be contrasted with that of your clothes and be seen from afar. Thus, the belt will become the focus of your outfit. Combine it with a simple black dress with a right knee-length to acquire Hollywood chic. You will have even greater success using a wide belt with sequins, glitter in a gold or silver. Add a small purse type bag in the same style for complete elegance.


The magical scarf. Collars are always in fashion but recently coats, jackets and shirts are designed with larger collars, which cover the shoulders and the arms even to the elbows. You can replace the collar with a big scarf. It can be made of silk or fine cold wool. So your dress for the festive evening may be with thin straps or mini-length. It is better when the scarf is plain, in one of the shades of the fashionable purple, for example. If you love cheerful colors, think about bold shoes as well to soften the focus. Large bracelet in the same bold colors or earrings with purple stones could have the same distracting effect.


The visible bijou. If your earrings are made of large and colored crystals, stop there! Only a large ring in the same style would fit well with them. Everyone loves to decorate Christmas trees, but no one would admired women who look like Christmas trees. If you are invited to a fine dinner, remember that the etiquette requires to have only a wedding ring or just a ring on the fourth finger.

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Wedding Dress History

The story of the most researched and thought of fashion item for many women is perhaps an opportunity to pause and remember why the wedding dress is so special. The wedding gown has always been a traditional piece of clothing especially created for the ceremony marking the transition from single to married. This custom has evolved over the centuries according to cultural influences, fashion trends and religious beliefs. We know for example that in the Roman Empire, the bride was already wearing a white dress adorned with a veil and a wreath of orange blossoms. The Catholic Church has also taken up and continued the tradition making the white robe a symbol of purity and virginity.

However, in Europe, it was not until the late nineteenth century that the wedding dress found such uses as before that time, women got married in colored dresses, especially for financial reasons. With workers and peasants, the bride used to choose a color so that she could wear the dress on other occasions. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, brides were wearing dresses in earth colors that symbolized fertility or maturity.

white wedding dress

The marriage of Queen Victoria in Britain had a great influence in the world of wedding gowns fashion when the Queen cut with tradition by deciding to wear a white dress to symbolize purity and virginity. She chose a simple, white satin dress, trimmed with lace with a long veil and wore as hair decoration a wreath of orange blossoms. Since then, it became a rule to copy the style of the royal wedding gowns.

This romantic Victorian style temporarily disappeared during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries either because of fashion trends or because of the economical difficulties caused by the Second World War. The long dress definitively came back into fashion in 1947 when Christian Dior created his New Look style.

Photo Credit: Constantin Butuc Studio, Royal.uk

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The Color Trends To Follow

Every season is represented by a range of colors which are the base of every design. These trends eventually become the defining factors in every season and knowing what colors to look for is a major plus when shopping for new fashionable clothes. Maybe the first thing that stands out about spring/summer color trends is the lack of black. While brown or grey can still work, it is recommended to go for clothes with a bit more color.

Colors such as pink, yellow, red and other bright combinations will take over the streets in the spring of 2018 as they already did in the most prestigious catwalks.

Earthy colors like ochres, oranges and copper tones are a great choice for those that want to feel in touch with nature and also look fashionable at the same time. Every outfit in these colors will look amazing under the summer sun and fashion designers have already given a glimpse of Earth inspires styles for 2018.

Another color trend worth mentioning for spring 2018 is flower patterns. With so many bright colors available, it is only normal to expect a lot of flowers this season in various combinations and on comfortable high-quality materials.

Soft colors are a great choice and they are very easy to wear. Feminine designs are simply perfect for this summer so make sure you have the right styles. Once you know the colors to look for, it can be quite easy to find the perfect clothes and accessories for a fun and colorful year.

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How To Avoid Being A Fashion Victim

Being a fashion victim is not something you should be proud of and usually these women are ridiculed not only by people who don’t follow the trends but also by those who do. It is a fine line between being very fashionable and being a fashion victim.

Be original – The first rule when it comes to being fashionable is having something to show that represents yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are extremely trendy or not, being yourself is probably the most fashionable thing because everybody is unique and expressing that uniqueness is what fashion is all about.

Be trendy – It’s good to be trendy but don’t wear anything that doesn’t fit you or looks really wrong on you. It’s better to dress in clothes that aren’t fashionable and look good rather than extremely trendy clothes that just emphasize the negative parts of your body. So, make sure that you don’t become a victim of fashion trends and just end up looking terrible for the sake of being fashionable.

Don’t forget about accessories – Accessories are extremely important and can make an outfit look cool in an instant and without much money invested. So accessorize yourself with high quality items and beautiful lines.

Be comfortable – Clothes are meant to cover our bodies and feel comfortable so make sure that you wear something that feels good. If you wear something too tight you will just feel miserable and that will affect your self-confidence so you won’t feel amazing in the clothes that you are wearing at all, even if they are incredibly trendy.

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Push-Up Effect

A nice cleavage is always a plus for any outfit. However, any woman should know when to exaggerate and also how to make her cleavage look better. Push up bras are great at what they do, but how can you make the best out of this type of bra? 

The Push Up Concept

Normal bras offer a lady’s breasts regular shelter where everything is and looks as is. However, with push up bras, a normal B cup can easily give the impression of being a C cup or even sometimes D cup. This is all possible thanks to the extra padding inserted into the cup which lifts the breasts, creates more cleavage, and basically gives a perkier look. The extra padding is available in many different materials: regular cotton or cotton-like material, sponge-like material, or even some gel components.

When To and When Not To

When to and when not to? That’s a question women frequently face regarding the usage of push up bras. Well, there is no definite manual for such things; however, some tips and guidelines could be followed in order to tread on the right path. First off, push-up bras are meant to give the illusion of bigger breast size. Hence, it is best if used on A, B, or maximum C cups. D cups and what’s larger are big enough to promote themselves on their own. On another note, push up bras could be used with relatively large breasts for extra comfort and better round-shaped form.


Yes, actually, that’s it. One last thing to add addresses the viability of wearing push up bras. Be wary of using them in inappropriate milieus. If wearing them to work, be sure that your work environment would accept too much cleavage and such. That aside, push up bras and their much anticipated new generations are definitely the way to go.

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The Evolution Of Fashion

Seeing that today’s fashion is truly impressive and that there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, we should take a quick look back and see how fashion started and how it evolved to get to this point.

Clothes can represent tradition and every nation has special costumes that show of their values and beliefs. In the sixteen century, Japanese outfits were basically the same for more than a thousand years thus showing their strong traditions and the will to pass it on from generation to generation. Not far away, Chinese clothing was known for the changing that occurred periodically, the beginning of fashion seasons. Changes in clothing usually appeared along with economic change with influences from other cultures.

Along with the growth of the textile industry, more and more designs caught shape and so fashion began being a very important part of the high society. The dresses were long and rich with various colors and the well know corset was already a bit too drastic giving the women of Europe a sand glass look to b envied but this wasn’t always as comfortable as you may think.

The 1920s brought the flapper style which had great success; the dresses were shortened quite a lot. Four of the most important fashion locations were Milan, New York, Paris and London and they were known for the fashion events held where the most renowned designers met to show off their latest designs.

Fashion trends are influenced by many factors from global position to the age of those that wear them but the influences can be felt all around the world and no one knows what the fashion industry of tomorrow will look like; we can just hope that it will be something that will surely remain in history, in the good way.

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Guide For Choosing The Right Sunglasses

It is very important to know what type of sunglasses is right for your face before buying them; a lot of glasses are made only for some types of faces and will look disastrous on the wrong type. It’s not just about what’s fashionable, the most important thing is to look good while wearing your accessories.

For a diamond face shape, it is best to pick sunglasses that have no frames or have thick frames in the top part of the lenses. Another type of glasses that will look good on this type of face is those which have oval frames because they will create a balance with your features.

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Leggings – A Girl’s Best Friend

You might find it strange but leggings are some of those timeless fashion items. Of course, leggings are not glamorous, they are not like a little black dress or pearls. However, some people consider leggings to be life savers. Probably the best thing about them is the fact that they are extremely comfortable and they work well with any type of clothing. There are also leggings called jegging and they resemble jeans. They have become very popular among young women lately, so if you like the look of tight jeans, you will definitely love jeggings.

Leggings have been around for centuries and they were worn by both men and women, despite the fact that nowadays they are more popular among women. Today they are made of polyester, cotton, nylon-lycra or spandex. They come in all colors you can imagine; actually, some of them even have a great wet-appearance to them or a shiny metallic look. If that is your style, you will definitely find some leggings that will make you happy.

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Simple Trends For Every Woman

I t can be difficult to keep up with all the small fashion trends that come out from big fashion houses all around the world. If you want to stay up to date and always look good but not spend a lot of time following trends, here are some major and simple fashion styles that can help you look perfect this season.

The main idea for the spring is light materials. This kind of outfits not only feels great when wearing them but they also provide a great look. Being feminine and comfortable seems to be on every designer’s mind right now and it shows in the superb designs available. Something loose and comfortable that hugs your body in some places can be a great choice and as long as you get the color right you will look perfect.

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