Ways to Wear a Sweater

Sweaters are probably some of the most versatile clothing items and the best thing about them is the fact that they can be worn with almost anything. You can put a sweater over a shirt, over a T-shirt, even over a dress if it’s a bit chilly outside.

Wearing a sweater under a jacket is a great solution for a cool season look. Make sure that you match the color of the sweater with your jacket, so if you have a dark colored jacket and pants, you can put a bit of color on your look and choose a bright sweater, like a red sweater that would be sexy and feminine.

If you have a sweater vest you can wear it over another blouse that is too revealing or to create a beautiful combination between two different patterns.  You can also wear it on its own if you like.

With a pull-over sweater you can create a lot of looks. If the sweater has a big collar you can change it in many ways. You can leave it as it is and it will give you a casual look, perfect for any occasion. You can pull the collar down and reveal your shoulders for a sexy date look and match it with a long beaded necklace. There’s also a way you can make a hood out of your sweater; just pull it over your head and use a safety pin to keep it in place. You can also roll the collar inside to make it look like a scarf and accentuate the neck area.

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Shy in 2017, the loafers were not able to convince the crowds. Worn today by famous models on the runway, the slip-on shoes are given a second chance. But nobody knows yet if they will be elected “trend of the year”. For the moment, they accomplish the three compulsory criteria: a passage on the catwalk, a spotlight, a famous name tag attached to them.

Their history starts with Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband) who wanted comfortable, but at the same time elegant indoor shoes. Several fashion houses (Foster and Son, Bowhill and Elliott) started to manufacture this type of shoes and kept the model in their catalogs for decades.Then, during the twentieth century, with the beginning of globalization, Americans discovered loafers and adopted them up to the Kennedy family. On TV, celebrities used to give their shows or make their public appearances proudly wearing this new kind of shoes. At that time, few women seem to follow the trend.

After many years of popularity in the USA, but also in Europe as comfortable walking shoes, loafers are currently struggling to come back into fashion and impose themselves as an elegant asset. Indeed, in late 2008 and especially in the fall of 2009, loafers, moccasins and other flat, simple, chic and closed footwear re-emerged on the shelves. Major brands have quickly proposed “luxury” and “design” versions of slippers or loafers, appropriate for city wear and to modern times.

Frustrated in 2017, the loafers prepare their blow for the 2018 spring-summer trend. They can already be seen on the feet of fashion queens and they are the new IT-shoes to adopt. They are a real specimen. Neither moccasins, nor actually slippers, loafers are both stylish and comfortable outdoor footwear that go with all styles and for all situations. Improved version of ballet flats or a reviewed style of moccasins, loafers combine elegance and comfort. A wide range of models are available in fluorescent colors, zebra, leopard or glitter so that we do not know where to turn and what to choose.

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Men’s Suits

One thing is for sure, men’s fashion trends change much slower than women’s trends and this can be best seen when it comes to suits. The great thing is that what you will see in fashion magazines now, you will also probably see next year thus giving you the opportunity to invest into a nice suit and be able to wear it for more than one season. With this thought in mind, let’s see what styles are in fashion this year when it comes to men’s suits.

When it comes to the cut of the suit, something in fashion is the slim cut. Don’t think about the skinny suits that were in fashion a few years back but also don’t go as far as thinking of the boxed, sharp corners suits. This year, slim suits are a great way to go as long as you get the exact kind of slim. It has to inspire masculinity and it usually has a slim waist with broad shoulders.

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Wool Textiles

Wool clothing is more than everlasting. Sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, coats and even crocheted vests, together with high quality men and women suits are made of wool. In all its varieties.

Wool is a fiber, taken from the skin of the domestic sheep or other mammals such as goats, llamas, rabbits, cats and others. Wool yarns create a feeling of softness and warmth. Being a protein fiber, wool can provoke allergic reactions: irritation, itching, an unpleasant feel when in contact with skin. Therefore parents must be very careful with wool clothes for kids: usually wool is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Here it should be mentioned that not all wool types create such discomfort, on the contrary – some threads are extremely fine and soft. It depends on the type of the animal and the way of production, including the finishing treatments.

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