Men Silver Bracelet

silver bracelet

Many men who are lover of wrist fashion are now opting to use silver bracelets to help highlight their overall look. Silver bracelets have become very popular recently amongst men who adore wrist fashion. Perhaps the fact that popular celebs such as Jay Z, Mark Wahlberg, and Michael Strahan and many other athletes wear silver bracelets has driven the enthusiasm. Men silver bracelet help to enhance the overall look of any man who dares to put them on. There is a way however to help highlight your overall look with a cool silver bracelet.

We take a look at how you can use the silver bracelet to make a unique statement about your style below:

Layered bangles

You can pair a silver bracelet with a nice watch or woven leather bracelets. Woven leather bracelets are known to add texture while the silver bracelet adds oomph of sophistication. With a high quality watch a little bit of practicality is highlighted albeit subtly.

There are times when you simply just want to layer silver bracelets alone, just make sure that the pieces are not that thick. It is best to layer thin corded bracelets on the one wrist to help make them look fashionable and chic on you.

For Professionalism

Men silver bracelets that are carefully crafted really brings out the professionalism and sophistication on the wearer. Using silver men bracelets also helps to give accent to a business or even formal attire.

Still silver bracelets for men will work perfect to when they are worn just with the daily suit with a tie. Better still, you can put on men silver bracelet when dressing for your next dinner party to better accent your outfit.

If you are wearing a more professional or upscale outfits, it is best to choose a broad single solid bracelet. These look bold, masculine, and sleek. If you want to look more professional, better use a single silver bracelet that will help highlight your swagger smartly.

Under the sleeve

If you choose to wear long sleeve shirt it is best to ensure that you put your silver bracelet under the sleeve just like you do with a watch. It is not right to say that putting the bracelet under the sleeve will overwrite its purpose, remember its purpose is just to accentuate.

The silver bracelet that you put on will show its boldness just at the right moment when stretch your arm when receiving something or handing over something.

Please remember that putting on the men silver bracelet on one hand is better than putting them on both hands. To get things right, you should just layer the bracelet on your one hand and leave the other hand bare.

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Fashion Jewelry Care Tips

How to clean your fashion jewelry without the risk of any kind of damage? It is easier than it looks like. Golden and precious stones pieces of jewelry can be cleaned easily by using available at every home materials. There is no universal cleaning recipe, but we can suggest you here some useful rules that are efficient and easy to be taken into account.

Rule 1: Keep your jewelry clean. Rings stones collect dust or even soap behind, especially if they stay on your hand around the clock. To clean gemstones of crystalline (transparent) type, immerse them in water, where drops of mild soap are placed. Soft toothbrush can be used in case remove the dust behind the stone.

Rule 2: Remember that even the hard types of gemstones are vulnerable to fracture if their crystal structure has defects and weak places. Therefore if your piece of jewelry has stones from a softer type, remove them before vigorous activities. This especially concerns the rings. Diamonds are among the hardest stones but they can be broken into two with one well-balanced attack. Sapphires and rubies are the hardest gems but they also can be split if subjected to sharp impact.

Rule 3: Be careful with putting gem jewelry in ultrasonic cleaning equipment. There will be not a problem with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. If you have any doubts, you better avoid this method. Diamonds, sapphires and rubies can be maintained by using little ammonia dissolved in water so as to remove the darkening and to give them extra shine.

Rule 4: Opaque stones on your fashion jewelry such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, malachite and others require special maintenance. Never use ultrasound, chemical solution or ammonia! These gems should be thoroughly cleaned with a damp piece of cloth. If the stones are porous, they can absorb soap or chemicals. Once accumulated in the stone, they can affect its color. Opaque stones on jewelry require more care than the limpid stones, as they are actually rocks, not single mineral in a crystalline form. Try by your own: put a piece of rock in the water to see how the rock absorbs it and gets wet even from the inside. A gem, built from one crystal only, like sapphire, does not absorb water: its molecules are arranged in the crystal lattice very tightly, that there is no place for the water to penetrate in.

Rule 5: Fashion jewels with organic gems, i.e. amber, coral, and pearls, have to be cleaned only with a damp cloth. The organic nature of these materials makes them both porous and soft. Be careful with chemicals contained in hair sprays, cosmetics and perfumes – great part of pearl jewelry can be damaged by them.

Rule 6: Keep all pieces of fashion jewelry with gemstones separately: this way the solid stones cannot scratch the softer ones. Remember that almost every stone is much harder than the gold, platinum or silver. The stones can scratch the gloss of the metal if you keep you fashion jewelries in a pile in your jewelry box.

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Engagement Ring Trends

If you plan to propose you should know that the trends for engagement rings have changed. The new star is the emerald as a center piece or around those beautiful diamonds that will probably impress her to tears. But you need to be careful, as there are other elements that can be found in the most beautiful and trendiest engagement rings.

Diamonds are still her best friend

Let’s be honest here, you can’t beat diamonds! Why? Because diamonds are forever and because she can show them to her girlfriends and boast about how much you love her, not to mention that they look good. Also, the classic engagement rings feature diamonds, so a diamond has this retro value to it if you want to use that to your advantage. However, the trends seem to be pointing away from clear diamonds and champagne or yellow diamonds seem to be the best choice.

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